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When a person or company is owed money, it is important to pursue every avenue to properly settle this debt. There are, however, strict guidelines that need to be followed to ensure that the creditor does not run afoul of the law. By working with a Florida Creditor’s Rights Attorney, you can pursue collection of your money without running into problems trying to collect the debt.

An attorney needs to be familiar with certain federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These federal laws govern the manner in which a creditor can contact a debtor, the language they can use, the times they can contact them, and more. If a creditor does not understand these laws or chooses to ignore them, they can face stiff fines and penalties. We will help you follow these laws while pursing the debt owed you.

If these collection calls or activities fail, we can pursue other avenues such as wage garnishment to collect your money. A garnishment is a court order that compels an employer to withhold a certain amount of an employee’s wages until a debt has been satisfied. Another avenue is to execute on a debtor’s property by enlisting the Sheriff’s office to confiscate the property and sell it for your benefit. These actions require a Florida Creditor’s Rights Attorney who can advocate before a judge and get the order you need to get your money.

At Sperry Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. For more than 30 years, Bruce J. Sperry has provided quality legal representation to those seeking to collect monies owed them. The attorneys at Sperry Law Firm understand the needs of creditors in Plant City and the Greater Tampa Bay Area, as well as those throughout the State of Florida. The goal of Sperry Law Firm is to build an attorney-client relationship built on a solid foundation of trust. This trust is established through client communication. Here, each client is treated individually and their legal matter is given the attention it deserves. You will always receive prompt attention and will always be kept informed on how your matter is proceeding.

Our areas of service and experience in creditors rights include:

  • Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage Foreclosure (Lender)
  • Commercial Collections (Lender)
  • Garnishments
  • Unsecured Collections (Lender)
  • Secured Collections (Lender)
  • Assignment of Rents

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