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Durable Power of Attorney

As a person ages, they may need help making important financial decisions or executing certain legal documents. In order to make sure that these important decisions can be made quickly, it may be necessary for a person to execute a durable power of attorney. This document gives a person the power to act in another’s stead for legal matters, business decisions, and other important matters. It helps a person get necessary tasks done even if they are having difficulty leaving the house or getting around.

However, durable power of attorneys are not just for aging persons. A catastrophic event can happen to a spouse or loved one and a durable power of attorney can avoid the need for having to pursue a guardianship that can be very restrictive and expensive. It becomes very important should spouses hold property, both personal and real, in their individual names.

A durable power of attorney can be very limited in scope or very broad depending on the needs of the grantor. It may be limited to just depositing checks into a bank account, for instance, all the way up to writing and signing checks in their name. By clearly defining the scope of the durable power of attorney, the grantor can have power over what they allow a person to do in their name without granting too much authority.

Florida Estate Planning Attorney at Sperry Law Firm can help draft this document, ensuring that any durable power of attorney accurately reflects the desires of the grantor. This can help an older person maintain some control of their affairs through an agent without sacrificing their rights or freedoms. A properly drafted durable power of attorney can significantly help a person get necessary tasks done without unnecessary delay.

At Sperry Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. For more than 30 years, Bruce J. Sperry has provided quality legal representation to those with personal and financial needs. The attorneys at Sperry Law Firm understand the needs of residents of Plant City and the Greater Tampa Bay Area, as well as those throughout the State of Florida. The goal of Sperry Law Firm is to build an attorney-client relationship built on a solid foundation of trust. This trust is established through client communication. Here, each client is treated individually and their legal matter is given the attention it deserves. You will always receive prompt attention and will always be kept informed on how your matter is proceeding.

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